2017 Love Your Shorts Summer Rewind

Love Your Shorts Film Festival’s Summer Rewind & After-Party
August 25, 2017
8 p.m.

Love Your Shorts 2018 Summer Rewind. August 25, 2017, 8pm

Love Your Shorts Film Festival’s Summer Rewind will be screened Friday, Aug. 25, at the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center in Sanford featuring a variety of movies that were screened at the seventh annual film festival in February. 

The 13 shorts to be shown (below) represent the festival’s categories of comedy, drama, animation, documentary, sci-fi/horror, Florida Flavor, and E for Everyone. They are by filmmakers from Florida, across the United States and four other countries, including a documentary that was partly funded by a Love Your Shorts grant, Cotton Country.

The films will be shown at 8 p.m. at the historic 1923 theater at 201 S. Magnolia Ave. Tickets for the film screening are $5. They can be purchased via facebook.com/LoveYourShorts and at the door.

The evening will conclude with an after-party at Rabbitfoot Record Store Café, 307 E. 2nd Street. An auction also will be held at the party to benefit Love Your Shorts’ mission of supporting the art of filmmaking.

The Summer Rewind is a project of the nonprofit Love Your Shorts Film Festival, which is supported by grants from United Arts of Central Florida, Seminole Cultural Arts Council and the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs.

The Summer Rewind lineup:

Directed by Chris King, United States, 12m, Drama
When a young military wife gets news that her Marine husband has been severely wounded in combat, she discovers that their life ahead is going to be an overwhelming – yet amazing – journey. 

Directed by Jack Corpening, United States, 2m, Animation/Florida Flavor/Comedy
A tired, grumpy space garbage man happens upon a magnetic alien that changes his life forever.

Directed by Tim Egan, Australia, 10m, Sci-Fi/Horror
Clinging to a smooth, curved surface high above a sentient abyss, a girl tries to cover the few feet back to safety without losing purchase and falling to her death. 

The D in David
Directed by Michelle Yi, Yaron Farkash, United States, 2m, Animation/Florida Flavor/Comedy
A self-conscious statue who’s nude body is made fun of by the other museum artworks leaves his podium to find clothing.

Directed by Robin Polak, Germany, 7m, E for Everyone
A little boy walks through a toy store full of people talking a strange and incomprehensible language. Alone he bonds with a young mother who finds a way to communicate with him without words.

The Wishgranter
Directed by Kal Athannassov, John McDonald, Echo Wu, United States, 5m, Animation/Florida Flavor
Set in a world where wishes are granted by mythical creatures that live under fountains, an apathetic Wishgranter is forced to go above ground to grant a wish of love.

Cotton Country
Directed by Emily Harrold, United States, 14m, Documentary
Cotton farming told through the experience of Lee Blackman of Elloree, South Carolina, and exploring the beauty and legacy behind a historically burdened plant.

Directed by Keiichi Matsuda, United Kingdom, 6m, Animation
A provocative and kaleidoscopic new vision of the future.

Directed by Nick Dixon, United States, 12m, Drama
A shepherd in the war-torn Gaza Strip searches for his sheep after they were scattered by wolves.

Oh, Possum!
Directed by Justin Hilden, United States, 4m, Animation/Comedy
What really happens when possums play dead?

Directed by Brian Lonano, United States, 3m, Sci-Fi/Horror
A husband gets more than he bargains for when he discovers a mysterious totem on the ground, much to his wife’s chagrin.

Illegal Move
Directed by Sana Srinivasan , Kyle Lopez, United States, 3m, Animation/Florida Flavor/Comedy
In this world where rules are the law, what would happen if someone broke them?

Super Short Comics “Into the Pocket”
Directed by Keisuke Matsumoto, Japan, 5m, Animation/Comedy
Did you notice jeans have a second little pocket above the main pocket? What is that for?

(The 2018 Love Your Shorts Film Festival is scheduled Feb. 8-11 at the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center. Filmmakers and sponsors who would like to be involved can find out the details at LoveYourShorts.com.)