2013 Official Selections

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OPENING NIGHT, Friday, February 15 at 7pm

Gemalogia, 12-1229-DRA
Directed by Rick Limentani, United Kingdom, 12m
A young gemologist comes to believe that imperfections are what give character and make something special and unique.

The Last Interview, 12-1244-DRA
The Last Interview
Directed by Zachary Mehrbach, USA, 9m
A lonely woman confronts her emotional fears.

I Hate You, 12-12135-DRA
I Hate You
Directed by Rafael Rojas-Diez, Spain, 6m
Sometimes it is not easy to talk about certain things with the one you love most.

Good Karma, 12-12186-DOC
Good Karma $1
Directed by Jason  Berger and Amy  Laslett, USA, 15m
Advertising man Alex Bogusky’s fascination with panhandlers’ signs starts out as a project to understand a simple form of communication but turns into a lesson of generosity.

Daisy, 12-1249-ANM
Directed by Fiona Mustard, USA, 5m
A lonely farmer befriends a small alien.

Underground, 12-1220-FLA
Directed by Akil DuPont, USA, 20m
Can the power of spirituals save three slaves who are fighting the odds to find the Underground Railroad?

The Things My Father Never Taught Me, 12-12140-COM
The Things My Father Never Taught Me
Directed by Burleigh Smith, Australia, 7m
Melvin gives dating advice to his 3-year-old son.

Waking Eloise, 12-1219-COM
Waking Eloise
Directed by Bobby Marinelli, USA, 16m
Lost without his dearly departed Eloise, a hopeless romantic seeks help to resurrect his love.


E FOR EVERYONE, Saturday, February 16 at 10:30am

Storywoods, 12-126-EVR
Directed by Mary Horan, USA, 8m
For the past nine years, the creator of a miniature world has made elaborate scenery from scratch, mirroring the world of her childhood in Durham, N.H.

2nd Avenue, 12-1240-EVR
2nd Avenue
Directed by Joe Gabriel, USA, 4m
Pegman, the Google Maps Street View guy, falls in love.

In a Heartbeat, 12-12184-EVR
In A Heartbeat
Directed by Karolina Lewicka, Iceland, 8m
A 9-year old girl finds courage to stand up to bullies.

The Kissing Booth, 12-12203-EVR
The Kissing Booth
Directed by Matt West, Canada, 2m
A last-second decision changes two lives.

Out of Hand, 12-1235-EVR
Out of Hand
Directed by Katie Aldworth, USA, 7m
As if practicing for the school play wasn’t hard enough, Nathan has to ditch a mysterious severed hand before going onstage.

Killer App, 12-1283-EVR
Killer App
Directed by Elizabeth Herrick, USA, 2m
A young girl runs into some problems when her father asks her to do some gardening.

SP 4, 12-1234-EVR
SP #4
Directed by Carl Knickerbocker, USA, 3m
Evolution of a society.

First Words, 12-12181-DRA
First Words
Directed by Fabien Melanson, Canada, 8m
Sometimes a baby’s first word is the last thing you want to hear.

Magnetic, 12-1205-FLA
Directed by Freddy Rabbath, USA, 5m
What do you do when the girl of your dreams rejects you? The man with the longing heart has a solution: Build a people magnet.

Sincerely Kati, 12-12163-FLA
Sincerely Kati
Directed by Samantha Witmore, USA, 4m
A young girl sends a letter from summer camp.

The Handshake, 12-1212-COM
The Handshake
Directed by Danny Hankins, USA, 7m
Derek just blew another job interview because of his terrible handshake. But now he’s determined – until he beholds the massive paws of his next interviewer.


DOCUMENTARY, Saturday, February 16 at 1pm

Why Am I Still Aliv, 12-1284-DOC
Why Am I Still Alive
Directed by Hanzhang Shen, China, 18m
An old woman waits for her death.

Unravel, 12-12192-DOC
Directed by Meghna Gupta, United Kingdom, 14m
Some of the Western world’s discarded clothing finds a new purpose in Panipat, India.

Electric Theatre Arcade, 12-12172-DOC
Electric Theatre Arcade
Directed by Brad Johnson, USA, 19m
A collector of classic video-arcade games is determined to open a full-scale 1980s style arcade.

Bo, 12-12199-DOC
Directed by Dave Schwep and Kelly McCoy, USA, 23m
A vibrant man’s diagnosis is the beginning of an adventure into the jungles of Peru, through the forbidding corners of the mind, and down the road to redemption.

Lady Razorbacks, 12-12302-DOC
Lady Razorbacks
Directed by Laura Green, USA, 4m
When a group of Pacific Islander women start a rugby team, they challenge stigmas attached to their community.

La Historia Dominguez, 12-12173-DOC
La Historia Dominguez
Directed by Orlando Porro, USA, 10m
A Cuban-American grandson explores the strength of a family forced to flee its homeland.


ANIMATION, Saturday, February 16 at 3pm

Mars, 12-12185-ANM
Directed by Joe Bichard and Jack Cunningham, United Kingdom, 4m
A journey of human interplanetary exploration.

The Ballad of Poisonberry Pete, 12-12308-ANM
The Ballad of Poisonberry Pete
Directed by Adam Campbell, Uri Lotan, and Elizabeth McMahill, USA, 9m
Poisonberry Pete, the baddest pie in the yeast, is in town and he’s looking for trouble.

Something Left, Something Taken, 12-12189-ANM
Something Left, Something Taken
Directed by Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter, Netherlands, 11m
A vacationing couple encounters a man they believe to be a killer.

The Nebbish, 12-12118-ANM
The Nebbish
Directed by Barbara Mones, USA, 6m
A man with his head in the clouds learns that fantasy differs from reality.

Joy Cut by the Sword, 12-12161-ANM
Joy Cut by the Sword
Directed by Ileana Daniela Darie, Canada, 1m
The shadow that was seeded into a heart grows.

A Shadow of a Man, 12-1245-ANM
A Shadow of a Man
Directed by Roza Brozek, United Kingdom, 3m
A shadow, fed up with the behavior of his owner, steals a day from his life.

Buy Buy Baby, 12-12188-ANM
Buy Buy Baby
Directed by Gervais Merryweather, United Kingdom, 9m
Can the New York Stock Exchange of the Roaring ‘20s survive a baby’s visit when she is left with her business-mogul dad?

Catch and Release, 12-12117-ANM
Catch and Release
Directed by Barbara Mones, USA, 7m
When a recently hired fish thrower meets the girl of his dreams, circumstances force him to make a difficult choice.

Old Angel, 12-12159-ANM
Old Angel
Directed by Dony Chiang and Dony Chiang, Taiwan, 5m
An angel’s injured wings have healed, but it has been so long that he’s forgotten how it feels to fly.

Yellow Fever, 12-12223-ANM
Yellow Fever
Directed by Ngendo Mukii, Kenya, 7m
The effects of globalization on the African woman’s understanding of beauty.

Dance of the Books, 12-12210-ANM
Dance of the books
Directed by Lorena Fernandez, USA, 5m
These books have a message for the world.

Hued, 12-12301-ANM
Directed by Chris Veilleux, Maxwell Droznin, and Zachary Parker, USA, 3m
Explores the harm of human inaction and expressing the beauty of altruism without words.

Mimi and Gack, 12-12222-ANM
Mimi and Gack
Directed by Larry Lauria, USA, 6m
A story about war and peace, hate and love.

Paper Plane, 12-1285-ANM
Paper Plane
Directed by Dave Barnis, USA, 5m
The connection between two brothers will never break, no matter how far apart they are.

Libidinis, 12-1263-ANM
Directed by Rosa Peris Medina and Mercedes Peris, Spain, 5m
A man and a woman remove their skin as an intimate act.


COMEDY, Saturday, February 16 at 8pm

Cheat Day, 12-12165-COM
Cheat Day
Directed by Alex Montilla, USA, 12m
A young man gets a surprise when he finds out that his girlfriend has a date with a celebrity.

Over Lunch, 12-12160-COM
Over Lunch
Directed by Christian Lima Dehne, Germany, 17m
Being lost and finding yourself.

Happy Voodoo, 12-12111-COM
Happy Voodoo
Directed by Jenny Goddard, USA, 8m
Damien tries to alter the lives of his three best friends.

Do Over, 12-1256-COM
Do Over
Directed by David Fabelo, USA, 8m
High school sophomore Adam wants to make a good impression on his first date, but things veer off course.

The Love Triangle, 12-1223-COM
The Love Triangle
Directed by Kristina  Sexton, USA, 9m
When Cupid’s arrows are not so straight, a dinner date ends up in disaster.

The Coat, 12-12149-COM
The Coat
Directed by Jared Neumark, USA, 10m
A Hasidic teenager stages a minor rebellion against his community’s strict customs when he finds a flamboyant white fur coat.

Ben Dover, 12-1288-COM
Ben Dovre
Directed by Doug Carter, Canada, 13m
A 40th birthday brings an unwanted medical exam.

Lunch Special, 12-12125-COM
Lunch Special
Directed by Kate Balandina and Mikhail Torich, USA, 2m
They are so aggressive – and their arguments are so touching.

Watch Out for the Big Girl, 12-1241-COM
Watch Out For The Big Girl
Directed by Michael Blevins, USA, 8m
Angela is a timid girl who has never stood up for herself a day in her life, and she doesn’t believe in breaking the rules – unlike her in-your-face friend Pebble.

Distance, 12-1248-COM
Directed by Sang Joon Kim, USA, 2m
A father/son relationship has its ups and downs.


SCI-FI/HORROR, Saturday, February 16 at 10pm

Asternauts, 12-12193-SCI
Directed by Marta Masferrer, Germany, 15m
Life is pretty dull for small-town farmers until a mysterious object crashes in their pasture.

Le Passage, 12-1295-SCI
Le Passage
Directed by Fabien Montagner, France, 18m
A lonely teenager enters an adventure that reveals a moment in her family history.

The Short Shrift, 12-12164-SCI
The Short Shrift
Directed by Megan Palinkas, Australia, 16m
When cleaning lady Ana allows greed to prevail over good, she could never predict that retribution would be so swift…or served from beyond the grave.

Between Friends, 12-12104-SCI
Between Friends
Directed by Gerhardt Slawitschka, USA, 11m
A young woman is betrayed by a twisted captor intent on seeing her suffer.

Departure, 12-12217-SCI
Directed by Coleman McClung, USA, 14m
A young boy is chosen to be part of a space-colonization program after scientists discover that very soon the planet will no longer be capable of sustaining life.

Exit 7A, 12-1257-SCI
Exit 7A
Directed by William Peters, USA, 12m
A young man must decide what to do when his hitchhiking passenger says she’s on her way to kill someone.

Black Hills, 12-1232-SCI
Black Hills
Directed by Cameron Macgowan, Canada, 9m
A gritty western set in the badlands of Alberta, Canada.

Birthday Boys, 12-1290-SCI
Birthday Boys
Directed by Rafael De Leon Jr., USA, 11m
A young girl in a desperate situation seeks help, unaware of the consequences ahead.


DRAMA, Sunday, February 17 at 1pm

Ester's House, 12-12141-DRA
Ester’s House
Directed by Stefano Chiodini, Italy, 15m
A married couple is hiding a history of domestic violence until the wife finally realizes the intolerable drama she is suffering by bringing up an unforgotten past.

Boby's Girl, 12-1268-DRA
Bobby’s Girl
Directed by Adam Tyree, USA, 15m
A teen runaway stalks a handsome local, who makes the mistake of leaving his back door unlocked.

1937, 12-12121-DRA
Directed by Svetozar Golovlev, Russian Federation, 18m
Young parents headed to a village outside of Moscow to secretly baptize their child are confronted with a struggle between their conscience and fear.

The Orphan, 12-1213-DRA
The Orphan
Directed by Teresa Sutherland, USA, 7m
After a murder-suicide, a young girl rediscovers her childhood – and wants to protect it.

Parallax, 12-12224-DRA
Directed by Paul DeNigris, USA, 22m
An Army infantryman injured in an ambush changes his perspectives.

Emily, 12-1267-DRA
Directed by Frederick Trevino, USA, 10m
A young girl living alone in her apartment is attracted to a new neighbor and provides clues to him by dropping off Polaroid photos.

The Vehicle, 12-12131-SCI
The Vehicle
Directed by O. Corbin Saleken, Canada, 12m
A man tries to convince a woman that they have a future together.


FLORIDA FLAVOR, Sunday, February 17 at 3pm

The Guy Knows Everything, 12-12200A-FLA
The Guy Knows Everything
Directed by Joops Fragale, USA, 26m
Bar pals face off in a game of sports trivia, when a stranger, with a penchant for whiskey, ups the stakes.

Senior Moments, 12-1242-FLA
Senior Moments
Directed by Aaron Hose, USA, 20m
Two senior softball teams from different backgrounds meet on a Seminole County field and find that it is never too late to make new friends.

Irrational, 12-12151-FLA
Directed by Holly Pearson, USA, 8m
Robin has a fear of mascots, and her boyfriend only makes the situation worse.

A Quite Farewell, 12-12114-DRA
A Quiet Farewell
Directed by Sean Osorio, USA, 2m
Silence can speak louder than words when two close friends give their final goodbyes to each other.

Have We Met, 12-12170-FLA
Have We Met?
Directed by Bill Ronat, USA, 8m
An aging professor gets a surprise visit from a man with orders to kill him. But why would anyone want him dead?

Pathways the Trilogy, Choosing Fate, 12-12177-FLA
Pathways The Trilogy: Choosing Fate
Directed by Dale Metz and Ted Souppa, USA, 14m
A man races to disarm a bomb attached to his daughter’s neck to prevent her from becoming a victim of his dark past.

Nostos, 12-12306-DRA
Directed by Jonathan Chekroune, USA, 19m
An intriguing story of a painter on the verge of doing something unimaginable.