2012 Official Selections

Congratulations to all of the 2012 LYSFF Official Selections!

WARNING: All film blocks, except “E” for Everyone, may contain adult content and may not be suitable for children; viewer discretion is advised.

OPENING NIGHT, Friday, February 10 at 7pm

Drama, Directed by Ken Hirose, USA, 6m
An old man absorbed in his own world makes his way back from the market.

A Finger, Two Dots Then Me
Drama, Directed by David Holechek, USA, 8m
Based on a poem by Derrick Brown, this film takes a look at life, death and love. Brown has performed around the world as a headliner and with bands such as the Flaming Lips and the Cold War Kids.

Italian Life
Florida Flavor, Directed by Eric Coppa-Cross, USA, 9m
A story about espresso, love and determination.

Bus to Somewhere
Drama, Directed by Jesse Veverka, Japan/India, 17m
A down-and-out traveler decides he has to do whatever it takes to get out of town.

Where is the Love?
Animation, Directed by Lucas Hug, Canada/Spain, 2m
A boy and a girl flirt with each other – but sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Bench Seat
Comedy, Directed by Anna Mastro, USA, 19m
A love story with a musical twist in the lives of a young couple on the verge of moving forward or breaking up.

The Room at the Top of the Stairs
Sci-fi/Horror, Directed by Briony Kidd, Australia, 15m
A young artist feels overshadowed by a charismatic and dangerous girl she has never met.

Twice on Sundays
Documentary, Directed by Frankie Fredericks, USA, 15m
Sexy Rexy, a Jamaican tour guide sought out by many island visitors, practices a combination of religious dedication and hedonism while competing in the tourism industry.

E FOR EVERYONE, Saturday, February 11 at 10am

My License
Directed by Elizabeth Herrick, USA, 2m
A young girl receives her driver’s license, much to her father’s dismay.

Bubblegum Smackers
Directed by Lindsay Garvin, USA, 17m
Kids, trench coats, film noir.

Directed by William Mazzola, Brazil, 6m
The simple act of holding hands symbolizes a pure and true love.

The Driving Accident
Directed by Rio Fitch, Canada, 5m
During an afternoon of play, a young boy must use his wits and creativity to recover from a mishap.

The Perfect Skate
Directed by Andrew Dena, USA, 12m
An awkward teen attempts to overcome his lack of roller-skating skills to ask the school beauty queen to a couples-only skate.

Anti-tobacco PSA
Animation, Directed by Jay Nibhanupudy, USA, 2m
The message of a talking cigarette is snuffed out.

Charlie Applebee
Directed by Pat Taggart, USA, 20m
A man on a private mission meets others who help him reach his goal.

When I Stand on the Moon
Directed by Mark Fisher, United Kingdom, 27m
Two young brothers separated by a tragic accident are reunited for one magical evening.

Oliver’s Treasure
Directed by Chuck Grieb, USA, 3m
Sir Oliver discovers the king’s crown was left on the throne. He tries the crown to see how it sits on his head, but trouble soon follows.

DOCUMENTARY, Saturday, February 11 at Noon

We Shall Not Be Moved: The Nashville Sit-Ins
Directed by Dave Porfiri, USA, 11m
The Nashville sit-ins of 1960 were among the most important events of the civil rights movement. During several months, college students from Fisk University and other schools staged an organized, non-violent protest at downtown lunch counters.

Carbon for Water
Directed by Evan Abramson, USA, 23m
In Kenya’s western province, most drinking water is contaminated. This film shows the inspiring people who face daily hardships and explores one company’s innovative solution for improving the health of millions of Kenyans.

Maravilla Handball Courts: A Place That Matters
Directed by Manuel Huerta, USA, 8m
For the people of an East Los Angeles community, the courts are more than a recreational site; this place represents their story.

Love and Buns: The Hot Dog House
Directed by Jason Badgett, USA, 10m
A group of students at the University of Kansas tries to change some perceptions about Christians – through the simple act of handing out free hot dogs.

Nrityagram: For the Love of Dance
Directed by Nanette Melville, USA, 27m
When she realized that the Indian classical dance tradition would die out once the last of the gurus were gone, Protima Gauri Bedi devised a plan to build an institution where students learning the dance form would live together with the gurus who taught them.

Robert Box – Perfect for the Kitchen
Directed by James Reford, USA, 5m
The nostalgia of food is the niche that artist Robert Box has found for himself. After years of selling his work on the streets of New York, he often hears that his paintings are “perfect for the kitchen.”

A City Symphony Underground
Directed by Catherine Stratton, USA, 13m
On this journey trip the New York subway system, one never knows what will be seen next. In homage to the realistic “city symphony” films made in the 1920s, this visual “’tone poem” uses scenes from everyday life to create a journey of sights and sounds.

DRAMA, Saturday, February 11 at 2pm

Directed by Ali Y. Akarcesme, USA, 12m
After 10 years of legal red tape, a Turkish woman finally realizes her dream of immigrating to the United States and being reunited with her husband. But her 13-hour flight is only the beginning of her ordeal.

Captain Fin
Directed by Kevin J. O’Neill, USA, 16m
A longshoreman sentenced to jail for manslaughter is visited by his 18-year-old daughter more than a decade after his crime.

The Goner Prologue
Directed by Shane Dewalt, USA, 11m
A young girl’s encounter with a mysterious stranger triggers a series of events that unfold over the next 70 years of her life.

Aerial Girl
Directed by Anna Simone Scott, USA, 10m
A teen living on her grandfather’s Wyoming ranch meets a ranch hand that turns her life upside down.

Directed by Blake Brewer, Czech Republic/USA, 6m
As a means of survival, a homeless boy has become quite the thief.

Mish Mush
Directed by Amar Chebib, Canada/Syria, 19m
After being drafted for military service in Syria, Ahmad, a determined young poet, decides to flee the country.

Seeing in the Dark
Directed by Helen Hatzis, Canada, 13m
A paroled prisoner’s first day as a free man is a story of longing to belong while knowing you’re not welcome to stay.

Optima Life
Directed by Cesar Espada, South Korea/Spain, 9m
At an apparently empty house overlooking a frozen lake near Seoul, messages on an answering machine reveal the story of the resident.

FREE FILMMAKERS PANEL, Saturday, February 11 at 4pm


COMEDY, Saturday, February 11 at 7pm

Directed by Chris Tomkins, Australia, 7m
A smash-and-grab robbery takes an unexpected twist when two thieves find themselves confronted with a haul they can’t possibly carry.

Directed by Rebecca Lorenne, USA, 16m
Sammy is a baby that has special needs – including raw meat. His parents are understandably at the end of their rope.

Literally, Right Before Aaron
Directed by Ryan Eggold, USA, 23m
Adam’s ex-girlfriend invites him to her wedding to someone else.

Interview Date
Directed by Mike Lemcke, USA, 13m
Everyone is at the right place at the right time – but with the wrong person.

Post-Nup: ‘Mammals and Discovery Channels’
Directed by Sandeep Sood, USA, 5m
Omar uses a homemade video to inform Gaby of the dangerous consequences of sexual repression.

My Baklava
Directed by Joel Rodriguez, USA, 4m
Something you shouldn’t mess with: taking a dessert treat away from a child.

Buon Giorno Sayonara
Directed by Karen Hope, United Kingdom, 9m
Romance bridges the language gap in a short-but-sweet seaside encounter between two foreign tourists.

Mommy Wars: Battle for the Playground
Directed by Will Shepard, USA, 8m Brooklyn is just not big enough for indie artist Kerin and a group of self-absorbed young mommies who seem to have taken over her neighborhood.

Juke Box Blues
Directed by Pat Taggart, USA, 5m
A presumption of prejudice with a little twist.

Count to 5
Directed by Stanislava Buevich, United Kingdom, 3m
Stephen is trying to make a move on Hannah. Will he be able to summon up the courage?


SCI-FI/HORROR, Saturday, February 11 at 9pm

Directed by Hillary Lavin, USA, 7m
Hiro Watanabe has the soul of a samurai warrior – but he was born 500 years too late. One night while working in a Japanese steakhouse, he has the opportunity to prove himself.

Invasion vom Planeten Schrump
Directed by Nadine Keil, Germany, 30m
A little girl is convinced that her mother is an alien.

How To Kill Your Clone
Directed by Jack McWilliams, USA, 5m
Dick wants to get rid of his out-of-control clone, but because of their identical physical and mental abilities he must hire a third party to do his dirty work.

Directed by Chris Capel, USA, 19m
Lifelong friends Andrew and John hike to the middle of nowhere to face a difficult decision.

Directed by Katie Damien, USA, 7m
A couple driving down a country road hit a bump. They soon discover a body under their car, and make one bad decision that will seal their fate when a friendly passerby stops to help.

Ad Noctum
Directed by Ryan Wilson, USA, 10m
A man is consumed by shadows in an old house on the darkest night of the year.

The Record
Directed by Takeya Aso, USA, 16m
College students help their friend investigate the mysterious death of her grandfather. What they find is more than a mystery.


ANIMATION, Sunday, February 12 at 1pm

Death Buy Lemonade
Directed by Kyu-bum Lee, Canada, 2m
A little girl running a lemonade stand has run-in with death.

Floyd the Android
Directed by Jonathan Lyons, USA, 4m
Floyd the Android is an animated robot that gets into crazy situations, but always manages to escape. This project includes two episodes that give a view of his world.

Directed by Jacob Wyatt, USA, 5m
When a young girl’s train ticket is stolen, she must pursue a mysterious fox through a strange world in order to get it back.

Live Outside the Box
Directed by Shu-Hsuan Lin, Taiwan, 5m
Simon is a workaholic whose world is becoming smaller and smaller. Can he find the way to bring his life back before it is too late?

Directed by Jill Jones, USA, 18m
A young girl is plagued by illness in a cold, unforgiving land. A steadfast protector helps illuminate her way.

Directed by Andrew Martin, Australia, 8m
A “cave” boy with disruptive flatulence and his father live a cold life in the Alps – until the boy is sent outside and changes life forever.

Directed by by Stephen Studyvin, USA, 4m
A kid with an exaggerated imagination is challenged by his fiendish teacher that thwarts the boy’s intergalactic excursions.

Yogurt, Inc.
Directed by Dan Becker, USA, 6m
Ted Figgins, an aspiring yogurt analyst, struggles to maintain his artistic integrity in the corrupt and psychotic world of corporate yogurt.

Super Rangers and the Legion of Bugs
Directed by Martin Hamburger, USA, 5m
Forest pests and pathogens band together to attack trees, while forest rangers battle to protect them.

Directed by Stephanie Franz, USA, 2m
Fluffle sets out on a relentless and inventive pursuit of a grape soda bottle cap.

Directed by Heather Freeman, USA, 18m
Out of spite, a mother repeatedly tries to kill her “beautiful” daughter, although her attempts are always foiled by her beloved “ugly” daughter. This film is based on the Flemish fairytale ‘White Caroline and Black Caroline,” first recorded by Edmund Dulac in 1916.

SP #2
Directed by Carl Knickerbocker, USA, 4m
Colorful, quirky, musical – and maybe a little weird. This art/puppet film by Oviedo artist Carl Knickerbocker is about evolution, consciousness and identity.


FLORIDA FLAVOR, Sunday, February 12 at 3pm

Finding Soil
Directed by Torch Eberhart, USA, 9m
Sometimes it is hard to grow without a strong foundation.

The Lone Warrior
Directed by Stephen Griffin, USA, 18m
Hanshiro is a master samurai who carries the most coveted weapon in all of Japan – a legendary sword that prevents its owner from dying in combat. But this extraordinary gift comes with a price.

APT 203
Directed by Christopher Amick, USA, 9m
When a father loses everything in a divorce, he must search to find what is truly important in his new life.

Broken Triangle
Directed by Charles Frisby, USA, 5m
A private investigator receives a late-night caller. Out of curiosity he takes the case.

Directed by Justin Reager, USA, 8m
Sean, a high school romantic, teams up with his friend to build a rain machine to win the young girl’s heart.

Bad Influences
Directed by Kate Emery, USA, 17m
Instead of making real friends, a timid hypochondriac with a vivid imagination hangs out with the diseases she thinks she has: Influenza, asthma and mono.

After You
Directed by Noah DeBonis, USA, 5m
Two gentlemen try to outshine each other in etiquette with threatening circumstances.

I Was a Parade
Directed by Steven Levy, USA, 4m
A boy and his balloons.

Date Night
Directed by Joops Fragale, USA, 15m
He was everything she imagined, but an unexpected night offers the truth about the perfect dream date in this black comedy.


BEST OF THE FEST, Sunday, February 12 at 7pm

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