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Playing Catch Up

It’s been a little while since we’ve posted and given you all some updates on the Festival.  So here we go!

As some of you may know we had our 2012 Summer Rewind in August with about 250 fans in attendance.  Everyone had a great time seeing some favorites from the February festival for either the second or very first time.

And of course throughout the Summer and Fall we’ve been screening film submissions from around the world.  There is MUCH to look forward to in February.  So far we’ve received 230 submissions from 21 countries.

We will be announcing our official selections on New Year’s Day per tradition.  Our screeners have a tough job ahead of them this month as they choose and program roughly 70 films.

Tickets for the Festival will go on sale later this month for those who like to get them early!   We’ll keep you posted on that.

Also, you may be interested in helping us put on this fantastic event in Sanford by becoming a Sponsor.  The benefits are great and spread far and wide to our filmmakers and community.

But in the meantime perhaps you could also do us a small favor and head on over to and vote for us for Best Orlando Film Festival (Section 4, Question 66)!