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2014 LYSFF: It’s a Wrap!

It was another fantastic Love Your Shorts in Sanford, FL! We very much would like to thank the filmmakers, audience, sponsors, and local supporters of the festival. We could not have this festival without you!

The 4th Annual Love Your Shorts Film Festival was held February 14-16, 2014.
Best of Fest Winner: Spy vs. Guy

Opening Night Winner: Spy vs. Guy
E for Everyone Winner: The Interviewer
Documentary Winner: The Committee
Animation Winner: Green Acres
Comedy Winner: Shenanigans
Drama Winner: Red Snow
Florida Flavor Winner: Nozomi

Best Cinematography: Blue
Best Directing: Loot
Best Screenplay: The Interviewer
Best Scene: The Interviewer

Check out the winners from the 2014 LYSFF in the Facebook post below!

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Which short will take home the 2014 Monroe for top film?

Which short will take home the 2014 Monroe for top film? Our “Best of the Fest” block on Sunday, Feb 16 at 7pm, features all the winners from the other eight weekend blocks of films, as chosen by viewers. At this block, our panel of industry experts will decide which film is the Best of the Fest.


  • Tim Anderson, a music and film critic from Sanford who hosts the FilmSlam shorts competition at the Enzian Theater in Maitland.
  • Denise K. Cummings, an associate professor and chair of Critical Media and Cultural Studies at Rollins College in Winter Park.
  • Tracy Frenkel, an Orlando producer, director, casting director, acting teacher and member of the Screen Actors Guild.
  • Cameron Meier, a film critic at Orlando Weekly and, and vice president of a company that trains actors in accents and dialects.
  • Lisa Mills, an assistant professor of film, documentary, at the University of Central Florida, who also was a broadcast journalist for 25 years.

Get your tickets now!


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Selections, Tickets, and Workshops – Oh My!

short film

We’ve made our final Official Selections and we are gearing up for another fabulous festival! It’s going to be a great lineup! Click here to see our Official Selections.

And new for 2014 . . . FREE Filmmaker Workshops! Free education workshops for visiting and/or aspiring filmmakers will be offered Feb. 13, 2014, at the Greater Sanford Regional Chamber of Commerce, 400 E. 1st St., Sanford. The sessions will be lead by Lisa Mills, associate professor of film at the University of Central Florida. Click here for more info.

Finally, tickets are now on sale. We very much think they make great gifts since the Festival begins Valentine’s Day.  *wink wink nudge nudge* Tickets are just $8 per block ($2 for E for Everyone). Or buy a weekend pass and see it all for $55!

Buy Tickets

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Love Your Shorts: On the Road!

Love Your Shorts Film Festival – 1st time ‘On the Road’

Love Your Shorts Film Festival will show some of its favorite and award-winning movies from its archives Oct. 19 at Stardust Video & Coffee. The free screening will be 7-9 p.m.

The Sanford festival each year shows movies from around Central Florida and around the world. Last February, the festival featured 72 films from 12 countries.

The shorts to be shown at Stardust are each under 30 minutes and there will be something for everyone as movies will be from all the festival’s categories: comedy, drama, animation, documentary, sci-fi/horror, Florida Flavor, and “E” for Everyone.

This is the first time the films have been taken “on the road” to promote next year’s festival, which will be Feb. 14-16 at the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center.

The nonprofit festival is supported by United Arts of Central Florida and the Seminole Cultural Arts Council.

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Summer Rewind, August 23rd at 8pm!

Join us for the 2013 Love Your Shorts Summer Rewind August 23rd at 8pm at the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center!

It is going to be a fabulous evening in Downtown Sanford.  So much going on that evening and the Rewind will be a great way to top it off!

Start off with dinner at one of Downtown Sanford’s great restaurants . . . Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe or Christo’s, to name a couple.

The Sanford Art Walk is also happening from 6 to 9 p.m.  The event at the Welcome Center will include live music, light refreshments and lots of ART! The juried exhibit will hang in the Welcome Center for the month following the event, until setup for the next month’s event begins. During the hanging, the artwork may be sold through the Welcome Center.


Also taking place is The Sanford Shuffle, a community event in downtown Sanford every 4th Friday, at 7 p.m.  Shuffleboard with your friends at the Sanford Senior Center.

But be sure to be at the theater by 8 p.m. for the Summer Rewind!  We are screening some of the fan and board member favorites from our February festival.  It will be 90 minutes of fun (in air conditioned goodness)!  Tickets are just $5 and are available online or at the door.

Our wonderful photographer from the 2013 festival will also be on hand to capture some goofy summer photos of attendees so be sure to wear your shorts and best summer attire.


Eventbrite - 2013 LYSFF Summer Rewind


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Cast Your Vote for LYSFF in MovieMaker Magazine’s “Coolest Short Film Festivals” List!

Voting has closed.  Thank you to all that supported our festival!


MovieMaker Magazine just sent us word that Love Your Shorts Film Festival is vying for a spot on the “Top 5 Coolest Short Film Festivals” list!!!

Tell your friends, family, co-workers, husband’s brother’s doctor’s dentist to VOTE for Love Your Shorts in Pool 5 at this link!

This is incredibly epic for us so any help and votes you can give is greatly appreciated. Support Sanford, the festival, and the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center!

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Love Your Shorts Travels to Jamaica

For the past three years Sanford has been growing as a mecca for the art of short film thanks to the Love Your Shorts Film Festival or LYSFF. The LYSFF was founded in 2010 by a group of local friends and has been promoting, supporting and recognizing the art of short film and its artist ever since. The LYSFF is held each February at the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center and screens more than 70 short films and host guests and filmmakers from all over the world. Nelson Beverly and Christina Grace, two of the five co-founders, were invited to experience a new and unique film festival in Kingston, Jamaica.

GRZA_LYS1WebWe always love that feeling of anticipation and excitement right before a film starts. We have that same feeling when we travel. Film and traveling are a lot alike in that you get exposed to new ways of looking at the world and get to meet new people along the way.

Earlier this year at the 2013 LYSFF we received an out-of-the-blue request from Dr. Ian Boxill, the director of the Center for Tourism and Policy Research at the University of the West Indies at Mona. He wanted to know if he could attend the upcoming Love Your Shorts Film Festival, ask us questions, share ideas and get input for a project he was working on back in Jamaica. We told him we looked forward to his visit and helping out anyway we could.

To be honest, at first glance, his initial inquiry email had a hint of a foreign investment scam from some third world king halfway across the globe. But upon further review and research we knew Dr. Boxill was real and very sincere.

His project and its mission are to give young people of August Town an opportunity to learn about the art of film and a means of joining the creative economy. August Town is on the outskirts of Kingston and just south of the university. The town has a history of poverty, gang violence and crime. However, it also has a rich history that the Jamaican people are proud of and want to share.

Dr. Boxill enjoyed his experience in Sanford and at LYSFF – so much so that a few months later he invited us to attend the inaugural Greater August Town Film Festival or GATFFEST in June.

That feeling of anticipation and excitement started building as we got closer to departure day. Not only were we traveling somewhere new, but it was film related too. Professor Boxill requested our presence to help bolster the credibility and significance of the project to the higher ups in Jamaica. We were very humbled and happy to offer such assistance just by being there.

We felt that this would be a visit of significance to the people in this community, so we wanted to represent LYSFF and the City of Sanford the best we could. We were asked to speak alongside other invited guests at the opening ceremony – one of which was the Most Honorable Professor Sir Kenneth Hall, former Governor General of Jamaica.

In an effort to put our best foot forward we had a custom piece of artwork created to present on behalf of LYSFF. Local artist Anne-Marie Colwell, whose work is currently on display at the Gallery on First, loved the idea so much that she actually made us three pieces – gifts for future travels! We also shared our plans with Mayor Jeff Triplett and asked if he could prepare something that we could present to GATFFEST on behalf of the city. Mayor Triplett went above and beyond and had a key to the city framed with a lovely picture of downtown Sanford.

During our speech we presented the art and the key to the city. And wow, those two gestures were very well received – so much so that there was a line on the red carpet afterwards to get a picture taken with the key.

I9UA_LYS2WebDuring the three-day festival there were a lot of speeches, a wide variety of films, and a workshop for aspiring filmmakers. We were also honored that Dr. Boxill borrowed a few ideas from LYSFF and applied them to GATFFEST (voting and jury awards).

The workshop was led by LYSFF alum, Akil DuPont, who directed the award-winning short film Underground. It was a two hour class covering some film basics as well as what it takes to be a successful filmmaker. The class was excellent, we even learned some new things that have helped us appreciate and better understand the art of film.

Being this is the first year of GATFFEST the level of quality from the newly trained local filmmakers isn’t yet at the level of award winning filmmakers like Mr. DuPont. But we did see a lot of potential in these filmmakers. The most positive element the festival and the filmmakers have is the support of their community, government and businesses. This type of support is identical to what LYSFF is blessed with here in Sanford.

We were very impressed with these young filmmakers and the situations they have had to overcome to achieve what we often take for granted.

Acquiring equipment, actors, and other help for their film is not an easy task in a neighborhood overrun with crime, gangs, and drugs. But that is why Professor Boxill began this program and will persevere. His goal is to help these young people out of their current situation and through film, help put the spotlight on talented Jamaican filmmakers.

Seeing how things unfolded during the weekend for their first festival reminded us of our first festival back in 2011. The nervousness, the smiles, the coming together of film lovers, it was all a wonderful experience. We hope that GATFFEST is blessed with the same amount of success that LYSFF has had since its inspection.

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Calling for Your Short Film Entries!

Submit Your Short

Now accepting short film submissions which are 30 minutes or less!


To support, promote and recognize the art of short film and its artists.


The Love Your Shorts Film Festival will be one of the preeminent short film festivals in the world. As the art of short film changes, the festival will adapt with it. We will be known for treating our visiting filmmakers with the highest level of hospitality. The festival will be a platform where film lovers and filmmakers can socialize and collaborate. We will be a respected member within the local creative arts community.


The Festival screens only short films under 30 minutes in length. Films are divided into different blocks for screening and the audience votes for their favorites.

The winning films from each block advance to a final block for a panel of judges to pick the overall festival winner. Winners of each block earn the festival’s award, the “Monroe,” an original piece of metal artwork named after Sanford’s Lake Monroe.

At the end of each block a brief Q&A session is conducted between the filmmakers and audience members. The Festival also hosts an hour-long moderated filmmakers panel.

In 2013, 72 short films were shown to an estimated 2100 people. Over 30 filmmakers attended.

For our 2014 submissions we will be providing feedback for EVERY film submitted.

To view 2013 festival photos visit




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2013 Festival Winners!


Good Karma $1


Screener Award Winners:

Best Screenplay – Over Lunch

Best Cinematography – 1937

Best Directing – Ester’s House

Best Scene – The Things My Father Never Taught Me


Audience Awards:

Best Opening Night – Good Karma $1

Best E for Everyone – TIE – Sincerely Kati and The Handshake

Best Documentary – Bo

Best Animation – The Ballad of Poisonberry Pete

Best Comedy – Ben Dovre

Best Sci-Fi/Horror – Asternauts

Best Drama – Parallax

Best Florida Flavor – The Guy Knows Everything

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2013 LYSFF Promo Videos!

Hey everyone! We recently posted a couple of promo videos for the fest. Check them out and get yourself down to the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center February 15-17!

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