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2011 Summer Rewind

Love Your Shorts Film Festival Summer Rewind will he held Aug. 26 at the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center in Sanford featuring a variety of movies that were screened at the inaugural film festival in February.

The 12 shorts were made by filmmakers from Seminole County to Australia, and even include “God of Love,” this year’s winner of the Academy Award for Live Action Short Film.

Movie fans are asked to help pick a couple selections to add to the free Summer Rewind showing of 10 already chosen by the festival board.

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The lineup and optional films are listed below.

The Summer Rewind movies represent the different blocks that were shown at the February festival: animation, documentary, comedy, sci-fi/horror, drama, and Florida Flavor. Movies by two local filmmakers are included: “The Hard Road,” directed by Charles Frisby of Sanford, and “A Drop of Summer,” directed by Oviedo High School student Allison Tate-Cortese.

Some of the films address mature topics, such as “Do men die of cancer or embarrassment? discuss!,” a British cancer-awareness project that contains brief male nudity.

The free Summer Rewind is a joint project of the nonprofit Love Your Shorts Film Festival and Densch’s Return to the Ritz movie presentations.

About 225 movies from 15 countries were submitted for the February festival. There were 63 movies shown over three days, and filmmakers from as far away as Canada and California attended.

The 2012 Love Your Shorts Film Festival is scheduled Feb. 10-12 at the performing arts center, 203 S. Magnolia Ave. Filmmakers, sponsors and volunteers that would like to be involved can contact LYS at

Here are the movies to be shown Aug. 26, followed by the list of six others from which viewers can pick two on the festival’s website ballot:

A Drop of Summer
Directed by Allison Tate-Cortese, USA, 4m
An epically funny tale of children thwarting a chase for the very last
glass of lemonade on a scorching summer afternoon.

Bad Language
Directed by Viron Papadopoulos, Australia, 14m
Set in an Australian Kafenion; a cross between a men’s club, mafia den and a nursing home.  Bill is forced to take over for a while when Kosta sees an opportunity to make a fast buck off him…as long as he can keep his cool, his wife at bay and the cops on his side.

Do men die of cancer or embarrassment? discuss!
Directed by Kate Rodgers & Patrick Cox, United Kingdom, 3m
This short film was designed to spark debate. Reducing the stigma of embarrassment in the fight against male cancer has never been tackled head on.

God of Love
Directed by Luke Matheny, USA, 18m
A lovestruck, lounge-singing darts champion finds his prayers are answered – literally –when he mysteriously receives a box of love-inducing darts.

Directed by Sijia Luo, USA, 4m
A little chicken is late to school, but her excuse is too wild to believe: She was kidnapped!

Lake Cop 2: Ripple Effect
Directed by Graeme Morgan, Canada, 3m
Set on the US-Canada border, Lake Cop is about a radical law enforcer who brings his absurd brand of vigilante justice on self-propelled water-skis and stirs up the waters in the rural community of Rainy Lake. This summer, one man will enforce the lake law, by breaking it.

Surviving Hunger
Directed by Balgum Song, USA, 3m
Set in a desert where food is scarce, two odd looking creatures try to outsmart each other in hopes of having their next meal.

Directed by Yen-Ting Kuo, USA, 4m
While enjoying a swing on the roof, an elderly patient is reminded of the value of his life.

The Furred Man
Directed by Paul Williams, United Kingdom, 15m
Max Naughton sits in an interrogation room sporting a black eye, a bruised cheek and dressed in a furry costume which is caked in dry blood. He can explain…

The Hard Road
Directed by Charles Frisby, USA, 5m
Chain finishes business with his biker club and completes his final contract before going home to his family.

Movie fans, vote on the website for your choice of two of these:

Directed by Paul Hardway, USA, 6m
Forgiveness – Does everyone really need it? And why? In this film, a priest meets with a man in prison in the wake of a recent tragedy to explore the reasons behind why we all seek restoration.

Directed by John Skibinski, Austrailia, 3m
An Australian frilled neck lizard’s simple attempts to get a meal escalate into a full blown dilemma and quest to stay alive.

Missile Crisis
Directed by Jaye Davidson, USA, 16m
South Florida. 1962. While the Cuban Missile Crisis threatens to incinerate America, divorce looms over the Shaw family. Thirteen-year-old Miles Shaw must protect his little brother, Danny, from the fallout, and he has it all figured out.

Directed by William Peters, USA, 14m
Two late-night travelers attempt to bargain hunt for a motel room only to find that the simplest tasks can sometimes be next to impossible.

Directed by Bill Lyle, Canada, 13m
Paul traumatizes himself and everyone around him as he contemplates his impending vasectomy.

The Shoes Maketh The Man
Directed by Tarek Sursock, USA, 16m
An ambitious but misguided accountant hurries to sign-on his next important client. His materialistic values are going to be put to the test as he makes his way through the concrete jungle of Beverly Hills.